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Pilot - Best Fuel Aviation - FBO - NATA Saftey First Ceritified Fuel Techs - Experienced Ramp Staff - Complimentary Crew Cars
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Pilots information

Pilots Information

Destin, FL - KDTS Var 01 W
30-24-00.2200N / 086-28.288633W

Destin Jet ARINC: 131.825
CTAF/Unicom: 123.075
WS ASOS: 133.925 (850-654-7128)
Eglin Approach: 132.1 / 127.7
Eglin Departure: 132.1 / 127.7
Clearance Delivery: 121.6 / 127.7
Basic Radar Service: 133.0
CEW VOR: 115.9
Destin NDB: 254
Field Elevation: 23 ft.
Time Zone: UTC -5 (UTC -6 CST)
Airport Curfew: None

Destin Airport Operating Procedures

Destin IFR Procedures:
Contact clearance delivery on 121.6 or 127.7 and contact approach on 132.1 before takeoff for Release/Climb Out instructions. Do not taxi into position until you obtain an IFR release and announce your intentions over the Unicom frequency 123.075.

Destin VFR Departure Procedures:
Contact clearance delivery on 121.6 or 127.7 before takeoff. Expect to squawk 46XX or National Airspace System assigned code. Maintain at or below 1,000 feet until in contact with ATC and advised otherwise.

Runway 32 Procedures:
Execute a left downwind departure. Southbound turn must be made within one mile of the runway. After clearing the Destin traffic pattern at coast, eastbound or westbound, contact ATC. ATC Clearance required for northbound traffic.

Runway 14 Procedures:
Turn eastbound or westbound at coast, contact ATC. ATC Clearance required for northbound traffic.

Destin VFR Pattern Procedures:
VFR aircraft remaining in the traffic pattern at Destin (at pattern altitude) are not required to contact ATC provided they remain on Unicom frequency (123.075). Remain within 2 nautical miles of Destin.

Eglin Radar Control Facility (ERCF) Operating Hours
ERCF is open Monday - Friday from 06:00L until 24:00L and weekends 07:00L until 21:00L. Eglin Tower/Jax Center controls Eglin's airspace when ERCF is closed. Check Notice to Airmen (NOTAM).

You’ll Be Assured of the Best Value Aviation Fuel at All Times

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Destin Jet is dedicated to making your life as easy as possible when you’re on the ground, no matter if it’s before your flight into Destin, during your time here in the Emerald Coast, or afterwards – when you’re looking forward to coming back!

You’ll be assured of the best value aviation fuel at all times because of our relationship with AvFuel as one of their Premier Locations. We are aware that fuel price can be deciding factor in the choice of competing FBOs. Our prices are displayed on our front page and we have the flexibility to negotiate rates for quantity purchases.

We provide Avfuel contract fuel and AvTrip Points for all jet fuel purchases, Colt Contract Fuel, World Fuel Contract, UV Air Contract fuel, and Mariah Contract Fuel.

Our NATA Safety First certified fuel techs and experienced ramp staff are ready to provide exceptional service. We have been declared the CAA preferred FBO.

For Crew Destin Jet provide all the amenities and services you have requested and more. Multiple wide screen TVs, Computer workstations, wireless Internet, recliners, couches, game table and an elegant and comfortable seating area. Plus two Quiet Rooms set-aside just for Pilots, and luxurious shower and restrooms. 

We provide closed circuit TV monitoring for you to see your passengers arriving land side, just to give you advance notice. 

For your peace of mind we have 24 hour video monitoring of our exceptional, lighted ramp and of course nightly hangar space is available. 

A Flight Planning Room with two WSI Pro flight-planning systems and a clearance delivery radio, for clearance up to an hour before departure. 

Complimentary Crew Cars are provided for your convenience, and a courtesy shuttle to and from local hotels.

We have also obtained discounts and many hotels, restaurants and entertainment locations in and around Destin – one of the premier Ocean Side resorts in the world. These include privileges at the famous Destin Health and FitnessCenter water sports equipment rental, with local charter fishing boats and at local golf courses - we can also loan clubs!

On this website we provide aviation weather information, flight tracking and planning and for your passengers a full concierge service, travel planning and full ground facility booking service. 

Unique to Destin Jet, we have our Crew Forum on this website for you to exchange information, catch up with colleagues and friends and provide us with feedback on how to improve our service to you. Click Here to access the forum.

And of course we're famous for our fresh baked cookies, popcorn machine, gourmet coffees and vending machines for other items.

Above and Beyond Support Services

Many support services are a given but we feel you should know about some services available at Destin Jet that set us apart.