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Destin Flight School, Flying Lessons Okaloosa County Florida, Learn to Fly near Fort Walton Beach, Navarre, Niceville, Crestview, Northwest Florida, Florida Panhandle
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Information about Destin Jet and Okaloosa Airport

Take Flying Lessons in Destin, Fort Walton Beach Okaloosa County

Training Available

  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument Rating
  • Flight Reviews Cessna 150
  • Flight Reviews Owner's Aircraft
  • Instrument Proficiency Check
  • Trial Flying Lessons
  • Gift Certificates

Training Rates

  • Cessna 150 - $80.00 / flt hr
  • Cessna 172 - $105.00 / flt hr
  • Primary instruction - $30.00 / flt hr
  • Advanced instruction - $35.00 / flt hr
  • Instrument rating - Please inquire
  • Trial Flying lesson - $80.00
  • Gift Vouchers - various values, please inquire.
Destin Jet

Destin Jet Combines the Glory Days of Aviation with Every Latest Technology and Service

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Have you ever dreamt of learning to fly? Whatever has been stopping you in the past needn't stop you now with the Destin Jet Flight School.

No matter if you want to fly just for fun; to make visiting friends or family a faster and easier experience; to get away from business trips on crowded airlines or even if this is the start of a career as a professional pilot, we have everything to get you airborne.

From a trial lesson, where you'll take the controls of a Cessna 150 or Cessna 172 through to reviews and checks for already qualified pilots, Destin Jet Flight School is the headquarters for flight instruction.

Learning to fly is an ambition that grips many people. At Destin Jet we understand the passion for flight and the burning desire to feel the wind beneath your wings.

There is no better place to get your wings than at Destin Jet. First and foremost experience. Our Chief instructor, David A. Gettelfinger has been an instructor for 7 years. Boasting 2,700 flying hours and over 1,700 hours instructing, David is among the best there is.

You'll learn to fly in a Cessna 150 or Cessna 172, These are one of the most popular basic trainers.

With year round ideal weather conditions, Northwest Florida's Emerald Coast is one of the best places to learn to fly, and Destin Jet provides everything to help you.

Requirements to start on your path to be a private pilot are simple.

First take a trial lesson, where we'll introduce you to the aircraft and the skies above Destin and let you actually feel what it's like to handle the airplane. A trial lesson is $85 and takes about an hour. Gift certificates are also available if you want to give an unusual present for a birthday, graduation or any other reason.

To actually start your course, you'll need:

To achieve a Private Pilots license you will need to:

Once you have your Private Pilot Certificate, you will have the privileges of airplane ownership; carrying passengers; flying to any location; pilot a single engined, land based plane; have the option to obtain an instrument rating and fly in less than visual weather; and the option to continue training into more advanced aircraft and abilities.

Destin Jet "PROBABLY ONE OF THE TOP 10 FACILITIES IN THE COUNTRY" Already being hailed as one of the top FBO facilities in the country, Destin Jet was designed for aircraft owners and pilots by aircraft owners and pilots and financed completely with private funds.

With our brand new 6,000 sq.ft. executive terminal and state of the art facilities for passengers and crew, Destin Jet combines the glory days of aviation with every latest technology and service. The design of the terminal echoes the time when space and luxury were an essential part of the whole travel experience. The time when personal service and attention to detail were expected rather than exception. That reflects the whole ethos of our approach at Destin Jet.