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Information about Destin Jet and Okaloosa Airport

Customer Testimonials

Please Take the Time See What Our Customers Have to Say!

From Bryan Meadows on 26-Feb-2011

Came in late and Nick and Jenn were overwhelmingly gracious and stayed a half hour late to accommodate us free of charge. She was within weeks of having her baby. Having flown into the Destin area for years, Destin Jet is the only FBO as far as I am concerned. They are the best FBO in the country for that matter. The staff and the facility cannot be beat. Bar none. Thanks Destin Jet, Nick, and Jenn. Congratulations on the baby...

From Sande Dukas on 07-Feb-2011

Arrived during a heavy rainstorm to be greeted by four very friendly, capable, and hard-working linemen with umbrellas. They off-loaded luggage and installed covers immediately, all in the pouring rain..... Way above and beyond the call of duty. Most FBO's offer good service, but the real test is their attitude and performance in unusual circumstances. Destin Jet's was aces. Absolutely great service and a fantastic facility to boot!

Destin Jet

From Anthony L. Vest on 30-Nov-2010

I flew my Mooney in on November 19 with my wife and daughter for the weekend. This FBO is a first class facility with first class service. Our rental car was loaded (and unloaded) for us. The aircraft cover was put on and taken off for us. The cookies were great and the tie down was waived with the fuel purchase.

From Mike Frazier on 01-Nov-2010

I called before going to Destin and talked to Crystal at Destin Jet and told her I had never been into their FBO. She promised I would never forget the service and she was right. This is by far one of the nicest FBO's I have been to and Crystal and all the linemen treated me like a king. From now on Destin Jet is where I will park my plane in Destin.

From Alan Silvers on 10-Oct-2010

I wish I could give them a higher rating. We arrived last Friday for a weekend in Destin. The pre-arranged car was pulled up to my airplane and the line crew stepped up immediately to transfer our bags

From the airplane to the car. I went in to register and was offered a "first-time" fuel discount. The same great service when I returned today, Sunday. Next time I return to Destin I will also return to Destin Jet.

From Gilles Lecointe on 30-Sep-2010

Crystal Hibbard did an outstanding job to meet our needs. Great FBO. Highly recommend. Thank you

From Rob Hoyle on 24-Sep-2010

Everything about Destin Jet is top notch. As others have said, the facility is one of the nicest I've ever seen. Add to that the staff, which always treat me like royalty in my Mooney. The girls at the desk and the guys on the line are helpful, friendly, and fun.

From Steve Edwards on 03-Sep-2010

Been flying for 25 years and this is one of the nicest FBO's I've ever been to! The staff (I was met by 3 line crew when I taxied in) is amazing and the facility is top notch! Absolute first class experience. I can't wait to go back! Thanks

From Larry Fox on 09-Aug-2010

A really terrific FBO. Exceptional service in every way. You really wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

From Kevin Banks on 02-Aug-2010

Lots of FBOs provide exceptional service. This outfit went above and beyond. For instance, we happened to be in DTS on a very hot weekend When the Destin Jet crew saw us walk in to the FBO to get the Mooney out of hock they scrambled to get it pulled up and the aux A/C unit cooling the inside for our little passengers' comfort. Unrequested. Just one example of their operation. I've never been to the other FBO on the field and don't expect I'll need to.

From Damon Allen on 20-Jun-2010

This place was great. Very friendly linemen. Great FBO. They had plenty of TV's and video games for the kids. We got held up due to bad weather. They offered the crew car. We will definitely be back.

Destin Jet

From Mike McNamara on 25-May-2010

Destin Jet gets my vote for excellent service, good fuel prices and knowledgeable staff inside and out. We'll be back!

From Scott Riley on 16-May-2010

Great experience. Stayed 5 days here, PA-32. Rental car ready and cool on arrival; line staff were friendly, helped unload (and load on departure). Counter staff friendly and helpful. All service was as requested. Fuel price reasonable for area. Will be back!!

From Brad Hollis on 15-May-2010

My stay at Destin Jet was nothing short of fabulous. The staff was wonderful, and they matched the price of the competitor. I was very happy with my service and if I am ever in Destin or send someone to Destin again I will highly recommend Destin Jet. If your going to visit make sure you have the cookies. Thanks for the wonderful service.

Destin Jet

From Joel Weaner on 10-May-2010

Great Service. A+ Tony is the Man!

From Michael Faraldi on 30-Apr-2010

DESTIN JET CENTER at KDTS is by far the BEST FBO I've ever been to. They had the rental car that I previously reserved with them the day before pulled up to the plane before I shut it down. 2 awesome lineguy's to assist covering were eagerly waiting to help. For $75 (bonanza A36 price), they washed the plane incl the BELLY. I mean eat off it now. I can't say enough about the line service, cleanliness of the place, the cookies, coffee, and front desk staff. THANK YOU DESTIN JET CENTER.

From Bryan Meadows on 15-Mar-2010

Can't say enough about the hospitality at Destin Jet. Best FBO that I have ever done business with. Would put them in the same category as Wilson Air Center of Memphis. Don't waste your time elsewhere. You will not regret it. If you are looking for the elusive FBO, where employees actually love their jobs, and the facility is fantastic this is it.

From Rod Kellogg on 15-Mar-2010

Flew to Destin on Saturday, for a lunch with friends. I always like to show off the great facility and staff at Destin Jet to my passengers when I go to Destin. Everything was spot on as usual. When we returned

From lunch I was shocked to find that our compact car rental was $78. Not at all what I had expected, I should have used a taxi or the crew car. The customer service rep was very helpful and said she was sorry, but that the rates change according to demand. She did say she would make sure my next fueling was discounted and she was very apologetic, and the lineman was also apologetic as well. So I give high scores to the customer service and line service team for their great service and dedication to the customer, but I'd urge management to review their rental car policy. $65 for a base price compact ($78 after taxes) for a 3-hour rental is insane. So enjoy the facilities and service at Destin Jet, but BEWARE the rental car variable pricing. I won't be making that mistake again.

From Jimmy Ballard on 11-Mar-2010

The absolute best FBO I have ever visited. Numerous personnel to meet aircraft. Welcome carpet. Assistance with luggage. Rental car at airplane. Competitive fuel prices. Tie down in secure area for the night. Aircraft towed to front door for departure. Multiple new crew cars. All extremely friendly folks. Will always go here when in Destin.

From Dick Cameron on 09-Mar-2010

Arrived in my single engine Comanche and was treated like a big time customer. This place is fabulous in every respect and could very well be the example for all FBO's to follow. I will come back here on my next trip, and that's for sure. Thanks to all the employees who helped make this visit a winner.

From Tom George on 08-Mar-2010

Great FBO. Went for a day trip and was very impressed. Flew in on a C172 and was marshalled and parked in the front. They rolled out the carpet and chalked the airplane. Got the crew car, which was very clean inside, and went out and got lunch. Then even had a Wii in the pilot lounge. Had a wonderful time here will revisit.

From Mark McCallister on 05-Mar-2010

One of the best FBOs anywhere, always friendly and extremely helpful.

From Scott Dorfman on 24-Feb-2010

Been using Destin Jet. Called Destin Jet to see about rental car and they handled immediately. Guess I'll stay with Destin Jet.

From Justin Routman on 04-Jan-2010

We flew to KDTS in a single engine and were treated like royalty! We arrived at 5:30 pm on 01/01/10 and were greeted by THREE line guys. We were meeting our friends in Destin, but their plans changed at the last minute, so we had no one to pick us up. These guys unloaded our bags into the Destin Jet van, fed us freshly baked cookies, and Jen so graciously drove us 20 minutes down the road to our destination! WOW -- thanks! When we left on 01/03, they helped us load our baggage, let us use a radio inside the FBO to contact Clearance, and gave us more cookies and refreshments. They may only have been open about 7 months, but they've got excellent service (even for us little guys!), great FBO facilities, and great fuel prices. We will definitely be back!

From M. Lane on 04-Jan-2010

1st visit to Destin Jet will not be my last. Exceptional service.

From Erik Adams, N1699L on 06-Dec-2009

WOW. Awesome service, beautiful facility and real clean crew cars. Incredible FBO. Thanks.

From Aaron Loesch on 12-Nov-2009

When we arrived the service provided for was superior. A car was ready and waiting. It made my trip from LA more enjoyable.

From Peter Campbell on 08-Nov-2009

Outstanding staff, unbelievable facilities! Showed up in our Cessna 172 rental and received the blue carpet treatment. Our rental car was pulled up to the plane for unloading and we were treated to good dining recommendations and directions to our hotel. Departing the next day, no less than 3 linemen helped load the plane, and the pilot's lounge is second to none. Can't wait to come back!!!

From Rodney Friend on 29-Oct-2009

Just a quick note to let everyone know Destin Jet should be the new business model for all FBO's. Not only is the place set up very professionally the staff is GREAT! I have been into Destin several times now on three different planes, a small single, a light twin and a King Air. All three experiences the staff treats you the same and rolls out the red (Blue) carpet. They are always ready to serve and quick to help with transportation. This last trip I left a file behind that included information I needed that day. One call and I had what I needed faxed within 1 minute. Now that's service! Keep up the good work!! Hope to fly in again real soon...Maybe a jet next time :)

From Bill White on 08-Oct-2009

I flew in on 10/05/09.The service was outstanding, Jet fuel was reasonably priced, the facilities were great!

From Jon Fussle on 07-Oct-2009

Beautiful facility, extremely friendly and helpful staff, and reasonable fuel stop. I'm just very impressed with the entire experience. Compared to other airports and FBO's, this one is top-notch. Came in with a single engine Piper and was treated like a Gulfstream. Thanks guys!

From Albert Yusupov on 03-Sep-2009

Flew in on C-172 on 08/28 stayed for the weekend. The facility was pleasing, staff very professional. Asked for the ride to the hotel no problem back and forth. Will be back again. Keep up the good job and thanks

From John Peruzzi on 17-Aug-2009

Fly into Destin from Los Angeles every year, but this year is a REAL TREAT with the addition of Destin Jet. I fly a piston twin (C340A), but have been treated like all their customers, which is 5 star all around. I am just amazed at how nice this FBO is, and they keep competitive prices with exemplary service!!

From Jack Arceneaux Sr on 01-Aug-2009

The friendliest, always ready to help, staff I have seen. Great clean facility. Line people right on their game all the time, and the front desk is very professional. Great pilot facility, private snooze rooms with flat screen TV's. Comfortable pilot lounge, and great lobby for the passengers. I'll be back again. N300PR

From Russell Oakes on 20-Jul-2009

Flew into Destin for the first time in my Skyhawk last weekend. I couldn't have asked for any better service. I was met planeside and offered the crew car before I even got out of the plane. Jennifer booked us a couple of last minute rooms on Saturday afternoon. She also recommended Dewy Destin for dinner and that was great too. The line crew pointed out a soft tire and got it aired up for me before we took off. We had a weather delay and spent some time relaxing in the FBO. What a great place only overshadowed by the nice folks that work there. Thank yall so much for making our little vacation so enjoyable. We will be back soon.

From Brian Powers on 20-Jul-2009

This is the best service I have ever had period. They even came back in at midnight, as we had to leave unexpectedly late. They were not even bothered that I got them out of bed. As a matter of fact they seemed happy to help me. Service like this is rare these days. They give great service and have a high-end facility. We cannot wait to come back!

From Michael Crane on 20-Jul-2009

There is simply no reason to go to the "other" FBO. Destin Jet is simply the best I've been to. We fly a helicopter there about every other weekend for multiple fuel stops and we get treated like a new customer every time. The line guys are quick to help, the girls at the desk are very friendly and the GM there is a 7000+ hr pilot who knows what a pilot needs and demands that of his employees. I am from Orange County, CA where nice FBO's are a dime a dozen. But Destin Jet tops them all. The pilot lounge, nobody compares....

From Ryan Hallmark on 16-Jul-2009

Awesome customer service, Jennifer Jones was very helpful with everything and kept the FBO open for our air ambulance service!

From E.C. Speed on 14-Jul-2009

This is an incredibly beautiful, new FBO with the best service I have ever experienced. I landed at Destin Jet in my little Cessna 182. Seconds after I stopped the prop, there were three people at my plane. One set down the Destin Jet blue carpet, one was at the baggage door ready to unload onto a baggage cart and one was putting safety cones around the plane. Coffee is great and cookies and newspapers are free. The staff is incredibly helpful. During our vacation, we had to leave for two days to attend a funeral. We called ahead to let the staff know we would be in late - they waited for us. Why would I ever go any place but Destin Jet.

Destin Jet

From Tom Smiley on 07-Jul-2009

WONDERFUL FBO!….. What a fine staff and facility.. I will FLY to DESTIN because of Destin Jet.

From Shawn Flowers on 07-Jul-2009

Another trip to Destin and the service keeps getting better at Destin Jet Center!!!!!!!!!! From the fast line service to the very helpful customer service staff this place is doing things the RIGHT way!!!! Thanks to all!!! And especially Jennifer Dickey

From Mike Ziemann on 04-Jul-2009

What a fantastic operation! First of all, their BRAND new facility is as nice as they come. The ramp and hangers are spotless, and their terminal building is as nice of an FBO as you will find. The building is beautiful, with every single amenity a pilot or waiting passengers could ask for. However, the staff is what really makes Destin Jet. Every single one of them are as friendly and personable as can be; from the line crew to the ladies behind the counter. Whether you pull up in a G-V or your own little two-seat taildragger, expect nothing less than VIP treatment from the staff. Fantastic, above-and-beyond service keeps me coming back here.

From Wes Hartley on 03-Jul-2009

Took some friends to Destin and stopped into the beautiful Destin Jet. Met at the plane by Alexy (the manager) and 2 other linemen. Fast professional help and fantastic facilities. They treated my passengers and me with jet-class service even though we poured out of my 172XP sweaty and looking less than our best that hot summer day. Thanks for such a great experience!

From Don Shade on 01-Jul-2009

I haven't even landed there yet, but I'm very excited about Destin Jet. I've been flying my Bonanza into Destin for 10 years. Switched to Defuniak Springs (54J) two years ago. I reserved a car with Thrifty at Destin Jet. Called ahead and talked to Jennifer about my trip July 4th weekend. She took my tail number to match up with my car reservation. From the comments I've read, I'm expecting the car to be at my plane when I land. Glad to be back home at DTS!

From Shawn Flowers on 27-Jun-2009

Finally a Great FBO at Destin!!! Friendly staff very egar to serve. Beautiful facility. Destin is now a place I look forward to flying to.

From J. T. Fuller on 26-Jun-2009

The family and I visited Destin for vacation last week. Destin Jet was above excellent. Promptly met the flight and had the rental car next to the aircraft before I could get out. One of the ladies from the counter also met us next to the plane with bottles of water for all four of us and led our small children inside to the fresh cookies (after asking us if that was ok). Facilities are top notch, staff goes above and beyond, gas is a little high, but I have paid more elsewhere for much less service. If you are flying to DTS, use Destin Jet. Tip the staff, they earn it.

From Rich Scotto on 26-Jun-2009

We just returned from a trip to Destin and use Destin Jet. I can't say enough about them. Our car was waiting for us on the ramp. The line staff and counter staff were extremely helpful, courteous and efficient. The building is a model of what all FBO's should be. Large pilot lounge, weather/pre-flight room, kitchen, conference room.... On and on..... Thank you for all the help and great service, we will definitely be back when vacationing in Destin.

From Jim Huff on 22-Jun-2009

We were one of the first aircraft into Destin Jet the week they opened. My passengers and I were very impressed with the great first impression. Last week we visited them again and were just as impressed as the first time. I would like to mention by name some of the awesome counter staff and line personnel that I was fortunate to get to know. Jenn was the first one I talked to on the phone and she went out her way to coordinate the typical things like ground transportation and hotel accommodations. Upon arrival, I got to know Alexey and Tammy. These girls are awesome. On the second visit, Alexey was playing "Line Girl". She was right there assisting me and my passengers the entire week we were there. The line guys were great as well. Also, I would like to thank Jack Marshall and the maintenance Dept. For great service. We'll be back

From Joe Wiley on 22-Jun-2009

Extremely nice facility and staff. Arrived Saturday morning in a Cherokee Six and treated like I was in a Citation. Made prior arrangements for a car by phone, and forgot to call the ARINC freq. Inbound to remind them -- didn't matter. Desk Staff had notes on reservation, and monitored Unicom. The car pulled up to the plane as I was securing the engine. Highly Recommended!

From Vladimir Leshchenko on 22-Jun-2009

Destin Jet has superb service and facilities. They exceed all of my expectations while we spent a week at the emerald coast flying in a Diamond Star. Rental car was by the airplane side 45 seconds after arrival, helped with the bags and made sure everything was great! It's been 2 weeks since, and I can't wait to go there again...

From Vance Smiley on 16-Jun-2009

Met by 2 line guys on arrival with the rental car on the ramp. They were extremely helpful. Busy FBO on a Saturday. Overall - very good service. Glad there is some healthy competition now at DTS. Baron.

Destin Jet

From Alan Kozarsky on 14-Jun-2009

Thank goodness that Destin Jet is open!! Very helpful customer service arranging rental car with paperwork completed before our arrival. Car and motivated line crew waiting at airplane before props stopped. Line crew was familiar with MU-2 (unusual). Despite proximity to the beach and a KDTS tradition of opportunistic pricing, fuel prices are competitive, contract fuel available, and parking fee very reasonable. Wish it were more than a one-hour flight from home base so we could have purchased more fuel. This is a locally owned FBO that is trying hard......The best of general aviation.

From Steve Wooten on 13-Jun-2009

My first visit. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The facility was beautiful. On a sour note, I accidentally left my credit card at the desk. They didn't call me to let me know until a week later after I had cancelled the card although they had my cell number.

Destin Jet

From Jerry Esquenazi on 31-May-2009

Destin Jet is the new sheriff in town and they mean business! I flew in an RV-8 to spend the day at the beach. We had 3 people waiting for us as we taxied in, they rolled out the red carpet (ok it was really blue) for us, and they had fresh baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, refreshments, and a beautiful facility. In addition they provided us a crew car to take to the beach for a couple of hours (it was greatly appreciated). The best part of all was the very friendly staff. Everyone bent over backwards to make us feel welcome. They treated us as if we had pulled up in a $5 million dollar jet (there were plenty of them there) and purchased 300 gals. of jet fuel and yet there were no parking fees and never felt pressured or nickel and dimed. The fuel was also discounted to $4.45 and was a bargain considering the level of service we received and the friendly atmosphere. When I come back to Destin it will definitely be Destin Jet where I park and get my airplane serviced!

From Ted Jones on 28-May-2009

Flew my RV-7 in for a weeks stay May 15. Received the Red Carpet treatment. They even hangared the airplane during some bad weather. Excellent service, I will be back. Thank you.

From Jason Crandall on 26-May-2009

I used Destin Jet this past weekend. Fantastic service. Beautiful new FBO. I can't say enough great things. I'm so happy to have a choice at an airport.

From Scott Riley on 25-May-2009

Destin Jet - brand new and service is EXCELLENT. Had rental on ramp and cool on arrival. Ramp staff (Damiano, Josh, etal.) and counter staff were very friendly and helpful. My Lance was hangared during a storm without my asking; was not charged. Beautiful facility. Fuel price below advertised; first time I did NOT feel gouged for fuel at this airport in a decade! Looking forward to a return trip. Best Wishes guys.

Destin Jet

From Matthias Wrede on 19-May-2009

Awesome service, Great new Facilities, Super friendly just had a great experience with them and their entire staff!

From Larry V. Jones on 17-May-2009

I stopped in at Destin Jet on May 7th for three days in an A36 Bonanza. The service and treatment that we received was outstanding. Rental car was delivered to the airplane. The entire staff was courteous, professional, attentive, and top notch. The facility is one of the nicest I have ever seen! Service is their number one priority. I will definitely return.

From Josh Hale on 15-May-2009

I visited Destin Jet last week and loved the new facility. Very helpful staff.

From Jeff Zimmerman on 01-May-2009

THEY'RE OPEN!! Flew in there this past Monday and they took real good care of us. BEAUTIFUL new facility! Probably one of the top 10 facilities in the country. Colt card is accepted for jet fuel purchases, so get in there!

From Alan Monshausen on 02-Feb-2009

We walked to the northwest side of the airport to see how the new FBO is coming. The tarmac and the outside of the bldg have been completed. There were fuel trucks and fuel tanks in the area. Looks like the inside is the last part to be completed. I asked one of the workmen when he thought it would be finished, and he said in about a month.

From Debbie Kastner on 02-Dec-2008

I am so glad that we are getting another FBO. We have been flying into CEW and driving to Destin DTS charges for everything and it is not cheap. Now with another FBO we DO have a chose. Thanks

From Debbie Kastner on 13-Nov-2008