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Destin Jet
Destin Jet Fuel Prices
Fuel Type: Jet A
$5.33/ gal
Fuel Type: 100LL
$6.05/ gal
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Destin, FL - KDTS Var 01 W
30-24-00.2200N / 086-28.288633W

Destin Jet ARINC: 131.825
CTAF/Unicom: 123.075
WS ASOS: 133.925 (850-654-7128)
Eglin Approach: 132.1 / 127.7
Eglin Departure: 132.1 / 127.7
Clearance Delivery: 121.6 / 127.7
Basic Radar Service: 133.0
CEW VOR: 115.9
Destin NDB: 254
Field Elevation: 23 ft.
Time Zone: UTC -5 (UTC -6 CST)
Airport Curfew: None

Destin Airport Operating Procedures

Destin IFR Procedures:
Contact clearance delivery on 121.6 or 127.7 and contact approach on 132.1 before takeoff for Release/Climb Out instructions. Do not taxi into position until you obtain an IFR release and announce your intentions over the Unicom frequency 123.075.

Destin VFR Departure Procedures:
Contact clearance delivery on 121.6 or 127.7 before takeoff. Expect to squawk 46XX or National Airspace System assigned code. Maintain at or below 1,000 feet until in contact with ATC and advised otherwise.

Runway 32 Procedures:
Execute a left downwind departure. Southbound turn must be made within one mile of the runway. After clearing the Destin traffic pattern at coast, eastbound or westbound, contact ATC. ATC Clearance required for northbound traffic.

Runway 14 Procedures:
Turn eastbound or westbound at coast, contact ATC. ATC Clearance required for northbound traffic.

Destin VFR Pattern Procedures:
VFR aircraft remaining in the traffic pattern at Destin (at pattern altitude) are not required to contact ATC provided they remain on Unicom frequency (123.075). Remain within 2 nautical miles of Destin.

Eglin Radar Control Facility (ERCF) Operating Hours
ERCF is open Monday - Friday from 06:00L until 24:00L and weekends 07:00L until 21:00L. Eglin Tower/Jax Center controls Eglin's airspace when ERCF is closed. Check Notice to Airmen (NOTAM).
Destin Jet, A Jay Odom Company

Welcome to Destin Jet!

Your Best Resource for Up-to-Date Flight Information

Consistently ranked among the best FBO's

Destin Jet is ready to welcome you to experience the very best when you travel to the Destin area. After only nine months of operation, Destin Jet was voted as one of the top 50 FBOs in the nation and again in 2011 ( Pilot's Choice Awards). In fewer than three years in operation, Destin Jet has captured over 70% of the field's turbine traffic including three of the four major fractionals. Come experience our exceptional customer service and see why Destin Jet is the only FBO choice when visiting the Emerald Beaches of Northwest Florida.

The premier FBO at Destin Airport (DTS) is Destin Jet.

Destin Jet's facility boasts a 6,000 square foot terminal and 40,300 square feet of hangar space. The terminal was built with both passenger comfort and pilot needs in mind. state of the art facilities for passengers and crew, Destin Jet combines the Glory Days of aviation with every latest technology and service.
In addition the ramps and lobby area were designed to be concealed from the street-side entrance, resulting in complete privacy and security for customers. The design of the Destin Jet Terminal echoes the time when space and luxury were an essential part of the whole travel experience.

When owner Jay Odom was planning Destin Jet, his goal was to create the finest aviation facility in the Southeast, if not the nation. Destin Jet spared no expense to ensure that guests always enjoy the comforts they find here. Destin Jet's award-winning service allows customers to step back to the Glory Days of aviation, when personal service and attention to detail were the norm.

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